The Zone

September 8, 2009

I’ve enjoyed the pre-game Husky Huddle held in the Dempsey Indoor, northeast of Husky Stadium.  Good place to meet ahead of a game, hear the band, get into the excitement of the day.  And we have held an annual alumni event for friends of the School of Oceanography the last several homecomings.

So I was chagrined by the thought of change.  No more Husky Huddle.  In its place…The Zone…an open air festival on the east practice field.  Sorry this is Seattle.  Its rains.  There are some covered areas, but they would have held about 15% of the people in a good downpour.  This is not a good idea and a step backward.

It was worse.  A line to enter, to get banded as over 21.  A line to buy tickets for food and drinks.  A line for drinks.  A line for food.  With drink in hand, can’t be in the line for food.  Elbow to elbow in the over 21 area.  Vast areas beyond.  Horrible traffic flow for folk with seats on the north side of the stadium.

Add the pretension.  Over the top is catering by Metropolitan Grill with the Filet Mignon sandwich.  Please.

So note to DSW.  Bring back some sanity…

Saying Goodbye

September 7, 2009

I’m sitting at the kitchen counter, the lights dimmed, and Tobae already in bed.  I’ve been outside with Boomer who is in wonderful spirits, but whose hindquarters just aren’t working for her.  After a good night’s rest she will bark as we awake and seem energetic, but most of the day she builds strength for her next trip outdoors.  We’ll be saying goodbye soon.

She is Mark and Daniel’s dog, joining us 13 years ago when they were not yet 10.  She was a rescue dog, the one that sat on command as the family walked through the pound.  Smart dog!  The vet thought she was certainly one, perhaps two, so now close to 15.  For her size…85 pound…a very old dog. Unknown breed, but kind, gentle, protective.

She loved the mountains.  Our packs and boots, but especially her own pack was a signal it was time to go.  She was Tobae’s animate GPS, always able to retrace the route.

And so we listen to the happy barking yet watch sadly as her body fails her.  And adjust for we have a few more days with her and we are very sad.

Changing Places

September 5, 2009

Everything Oren said about maintaining one’s own MT is true and so I’m starting again, taking his advice to adopt WordPress.  Thanks, Oren.