I admire several blogging friends…my sister Robin, her partner and my sis-in-law Leslie Karst, and my faculty friend Ron Irving.  And so I occasionally try it myself.  I’ve left behind a rant blog which calmed my commuting experience and another short-lived blog focused on the School of Oceanography at University of Washington where I was Director until Feb 2011.  (As I’ve abandoned maintaining a MT engine I suppose I need to migrate it.)  And “now” (October 2009) I start yet again.

Update on October 10 (2009).  Okay Leslie, here it is.  Not much to see!

5 Responses to About

  1. Shelly says:

    I’d like to see a rant blog from the perspective of a bicycling Russ McDuff some day! 🙂

    • russmcduff says:

      I rode a bike for several years. A long time ago. Somebody stole my bike. You should have a bike rant blog! You ride a bike…

  2. Shelly says:

    My bike rant blog would have too many four-letter words in it! 🙂
    Besides… I’m just not a blogger… FB will have to do!!

  3. Scott Veirs says:

    Probably should change to “was Director” 😉

    And check out my parents who are blogging for their first time — http://www.leslieval.com/ — via stand-alone WordPress on a shared Dreamhost server…

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