Olympics, Day -9

February 4, 2010

Kentucky 3K Cow Bell

I need to be in Seattle for a few days, so drove home from Whistler after dinner this evening.

And along with mail and newspapers to take back, my case of cow bells!  Now we are really ready for the Olympics.

I have had a cow bell since 1984, a Treichlen #1 we bought in a hardware store in Zermatt.  Hangs in our kitchen, is never used.  Examining it tonight I see I should do a little maintenance of the metal.  Perhaps it would have been enough.

But many days there will be four of us.  And so I studied cow bells on the web.  I found lots of very fancy Swiss cow bells which would never be seen on a cow (or goat!).  Sites in Europe, sites in the US.  Are there any cow bells meant to be on cows?  To the rescue “Bell Outlet“, a division of Red Hill General Store.  While the Obama cow bell was tempting, the Kentucky series seemed more suited to the task.  And amazingly there were .wav files for each of the bells.  And so now I am the proud owner of a case of 3K Kentucky bells, just listen.