The NBA Stakes Rise

Since I last wrote on this topic, little relevant progress has been made.  The players have conceded considerable turf on the split of revenue, but haven’t given up on hard caps.  The owners have learned way too much from David Stern about how to be threatening bullies:  the New York Times reported this morning that Stern has announced that the players must accept the owner’s “best and final offer” by COB Wednesday or else accept a “worst and final offer.”  Buried in the article is the blood boiler:

Joining the owners’ delegation were two of the leading hardliners — Charlotte’s Michael Jordan and Portland’s Paul Allen.

After Stern bullied Seattle and killed the Sonics franchise, I adopted Portland.  Now this?  If there is a season, Dallas is the lone remaining alternative (and a pretty good team!).  Alaska Airlines flies three times a day.  The noon flight should get me there by game time.  Early flight home.


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