Vagaries of Canadian Television

January 30, 2012

Something that will always keep me from getting full immigration points to Canada is my lack of interest in hockey.  I just don’t follow the puck as well as is necessary.  Curling, well no.  Soccer though works fine.

In that context, a couple of weeks ago the most compelling televised sports event on Canadian television was the lopsided defeat of the Dominican Republic by the US women’s soccer team to open the regional Olympic qualifying tournament.  I watched portions of this 14-nil game.

In the Canadian way, CBC this morning was reporting that both Canada and the US had qualified for London, while still energizing interest in the championship game of the tournament:  Canada-US.  Low stakes, but considerable national pride.

And so I made note that the game was at 5 p.m.  But is it televised?  No!  The NFL Pro Bowl instead.

Twitter tells me that US leads 4-nil in the 58th minute…