Triple Crown

My primary interest in horse racing is the Kentucky Derby only because it also marks “Opening Day” in Seattle (CFR 33.100.1304) and in the McDuff family the opening of “Mint Julep Season” (and I must admit we use Tennessee Sour Mash instead of Kentucky Bourbon).

Each year I place three WPS bets for the Kentucky Derby.  I know nothing about horse racing, so I go by the names.  The horse “I’ll Have Another” has put me so far net ahead that I can likely never spend another penny to remain profitable.

Today was the first time I’ve ever watched the Belmont Stakes.  A horse named “California Chrome” just isn’t a name that will attract my bets.   (But just completed an incredible redistribution of wealth.)    But it was of interest for I do like the side story of hard scrabble owners, old trainer, old jockey.

What was amazing to me was the NBC coverage.  Frank Sinatra Jr. singing New York, New York.  Incredible graphics about how much longer the Belmont track is.  Not only California Chrome wearing a nasal strip, but also the jockey.  And the post race analysis that the Triple Crown is not fair to the horses.

Thankfully it is now “Hockey Night in Canada”, except it is New York v. Los Angeles.  (And one final mystery, why is the WordPress spell checker objecting to my spelling of Los Angeles?)


One Response to Triple Crown

  1. Arthur says:

    Hello Russ

    I wonder… aren’t you jealous of Don Cherry’s sartorial elegance, his high collar and his collection of ties?

    Is that why Hockey Night in Canada played entirely in USA is such a hit? Can your imagine any US commentator having the capacity to dress as he does…. not to mention his wondrous insights.

    If mint julep season opens with the Triple Crown,… how should one celebrate the eventual end of hockey season, in June? Maybe a Molson’s Ice Beer?

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