The Kentucky Derby

Today is a special family day.  In Seattle the Opening of Boating Season (33 CFR 100.1304).  At our home, the Opening of Mint Julep Season.  In perfect coordination with the Kentucky Derby.

Just like I choose teams in March Madness (what’s my connection with the college, tempered by the seed), I chose horses by their names.  And I read the NYT analysis this morning…the NYT really has staff that handicap horse racing?  My greatest success was in 2012 with “I’ll Have Another”.  And so today I am challenged.  My $24 “dollars” for four WPS bets:

Carpe Diem.  Brings strong memory of the best commencement speech I’ve heard, Sherman Alexie at UW in 2003.  8-1.

Frosted.  This is how bad the set of names are this year.  But in honor of my colleague Bruce Frost and my joy in watching David Frost interviewing Richard Nixon (the frost-bitten Dick), Frosted will have to do.  15-1.

Bolo.  Lee Silver, a favorite Caltech professor always looked sharp in his bolo tie.  And a woman trainer.  30-1

A Baffert Horse.  The two favorites.  American Pharaoh is out, let my people go.  Dortmund?  Oh well.  3-1.


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