October 13, 2009

I very much enjoy cocktail hour, just like sis and sis-in-law Robin and Leslie.  “It must be 5 p.m. somewhere.”  And I very much like the person-to-person free(!) video conference available via Skype.  And so over the past couple of months I have combined these two, enjoying time with distant friends and family.  I’ve come to calling it Skypetailing.  I assumed that lots of people must have discovered the fun and were actively participating.  And the name is so obvious.

Imagine my joy at discovering just now that googling skypetail returns just four entries, none related to this fine concept (and skypetailing just two entries, again none related).   I’ve found a new word.  Spread it!

(We academics love precedent of publication, got to get this post published now!)