Traffic Again

November 3, 2009

I’ve been very busy and not very inventive.  Standing by watching my heroes blog steadily.  What is the matter with me?

So back to my roots:  “Traffic”  “I will blog you.”

Into UW very early on Monday for a 0700 telecon.  Crusing along, steady speed at about the limit, 20 minutes of bliss since joining I-5 from US2, the constellation moving in sync though pretty tightly packed, say four car lengths of separation.  A Suburban cuts in front of me and brakes.  Repeatedly.  What had been a pleasant drive was now attentiveness plus.  And as the Suburban brakes, so must I.  Ah, the car behind me was clearly annoyed, less than a car length following distance, it turned out to be a Jetta.  And the “Drivers Wanted” driver slipped to the right, accelerated, and managed to fill a second piece of  my precious four car lengths.  The arithmetic is simple; four car lengths had become one.  And so the traffic jam at the Snohomish County line began…