Traffic Again

I’ve been very busy and not very inventive.  Standing by watching my heroes blog steadily.  What is the matter with me?

So back to my roots:  “Traffic”  “I will blog you.”

Into UW very early on Monday for a 0700 telecon.  Crusing along, steady speed at about the limit, 20 minutes of bliss since joining I-5 from US2, the constellation moving in sync though pretty tightly packed, say four car lengths of separation.  A Suburban cuts in front of me and brakes.  Repeatedly.  What had been a pleasant drive was now attentiveness plus.  And as the Suburban brakes, so must I.  Ah, the car behind me was clearly annoyed, less than a car length following distance, it turned out to be a Jetta.  And the “Drivers Wanted” driver slipped to the right, accelerated, and managed to fill a second piece of  my precious four car lengths.  The arithmetic is simple; four car lengths had become one.  And so the traffic jam at the Snohomish County line began…

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