Pizza in the Back Country

I enjoyed Leslie’s post on her first adventure making pizza. Looked great!  With many tips on improving my own.

My pizza is never made at home, but only in the back country.  Not the typical fare.  Here’s how I do it.

Not quite from scratch:   Jiffy pizza crust mix.  Contains flour and yeast and more (lots more, Tobae clearly hasn’t been paying attention as the nutrition cop).  The toppings are healthier.  Parmesan cheese grated at home, tomatoes that Tobae has dried, and Contadina/Buitoni pesto with basil sauce.

To make the crust, I boil up a little water, carefully measure the required 1/2 cup, and mix in the “oven pan”.  I bring along a little extra flour so I can knead the dough, and then I set it in the sun.  This doesn’t especially help keep it very warm, but it rises some.  I press it out to make a deep dish style crust.

Ready for baking

Time for baking.  I fire up the camp stove and get the shield and heat deflector in place.  Then the pan and lid.  Then the aluminized cover.  I throttle the heat, mostly by experience, so that things heat up reasonably quickly.  I have no idea what the temperature is…the thermometer has three divisions “Warming Up”, “Bake”, “Burn!”.  Probably not 525 F exactly.  Experience tells me that I’ll need about fifteen minutes to crisp it up enough that the toppings can be added without making it a soggy mess.

Baking is underway...

Keeping an eye on the "temperature" in the oven

Off comes the alumnized cover, off comes the lid, and I spread pesto sauce and top with sun dried tomatoes, then the grated cheese.  Lid on, alumnized cover on.  Just 10 minutes to go.  And voila.

Pizza is ready

The crust is always passable, though on the dense side.  I’ve learned how not to burn it.  Mighty tasty addition to cocktail hour.

Camp in the Enchantments

2 Responses to Pizza in the Back Country

  1. ljkarst says:

    Impressive–I have a hard enough time just getting those damn camp stoves to stay lit, much less bake a pizza! You da bomb, Russ!

  2. Prookirrere says:

    Awesome, I did not heard about this topic up to now. Thankz!

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