No Worries

I will soon post Olympics Day -3, but Tobae provides this keen insight into VANOC.  She was riding a lift last week with a young Aussie woman who works in the Westin Hotel.  VANOC has been coaching young Australians to not say “no worries”.  Don’t want worries on the radar, even if negated.  Apparently “no problem” is to be equally avoided.

The key according to the Australian woman:  worse thing one can do…tell us what not to do…won’t happen.

Our takeaway:  Aussie workers will smile when we (knowingly) say “no worries”.

One Response to No Worries

  1. […] we should try to catch the 8:39 bus, as insurance that the buses were still not finely tuned.  No worries, right on time.  Dropped us at the bottom of the hill.  A route #2 in a couple of minutes, in the […]

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