Google Ski View

I happened onto a YouTube video of the Google Street View snowmobile in action at Whistler Blackcomb.  And so I fired up Google Earth to check out the products…

Google "Ski View"

This screen capture shows the down slope view along the Dave Murray Men’s Downhill course.  I chose this particular view for the shadow of the snowmobile and the trail of other “ski views” in the lower left.

I had imagined that I would find a full trail down the race course, but no such luck. I’m guessing much of the course was  too steep for travel of this top heavy snowmobile.

You can “spin” this embedded Google Map rendition of a nearby (up slope) ski view of the first pitch of the downhill:  Double Trouble.  (The snowmobile track heads up slope to the flat below the run “Orange Peel”

And here’s our neighborhood.  Our drive is just left of center.  The blue lamp post is now also the bus stop marker for the #101 Nordic Drive bus.  Turn the scene about 180 and the downhill grandstands are now straight ahead (but not yet built when this photo taken!) and dominate the view at the break in the slope of the road.

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