Olympics Days 1-6

Already Day 6?  I’m far behind!

One reason is that despite best laid plans, five years in preparation, I needed to be in Seattle Thursday through Sunday, so Days 1-3 had passed before I returned to Whistler at 2 a.m. on Monday morning.  Awaiting me was an e-mail to ski with friends Rod and Stan on Monday and I was up at 8:45 to meet them at 10:00 a.m. on Day 4.

We decided to venture over to Whistler to see how the viewing “pods” on the men’s downhill course would be.  Great decision, we had an excellent view of the starting house and from that vantage point could see (having now measured it on Google Earth), about a quarter of the course.  I had cow bells along and we watched perhaps 30 starts.  Bode Miller had skied just before we arrived, but we did see Defago and Svindal, the gold and silver medalists.  We also ran into Seattle friends Doug and Robin and I depleted my case of cow bells by one.  Son Mark was at the next pod down the course and I’ll add some pictures (or visit my Facebook account in the meantime).

Day 5 was snowy with alpine skiing canceled.  Good day to stay in.

Day 6 started with the Women’s Downhill.  Tobae and Mark headed to viewing pods, while Daniel and I stayed in and alternated between live CTV and the view of the course on the front porch.  (Picture of Lindsey Vonn’s run taken by Daniel also to come).   NBC gets low marks for declaring the competition over a good 40 minutes before it was complete, much like they call presidential races.  Not to be outdone, CTV did the same thing 15 minutes early.

I met Tobae late afternoon in the village and we headed to the sliding center for doubles luge.  We started by placing ourselves right next to the course on the last turn, Turn 16, at the “2” in “Vancouver 2000”.  The nearby Jumbotron was essential, very much what is televised and comprehensible.   But the televised version of luge doesn’t begin to capture how fast they are moving.  I caught on to very rapid turn of head and neck necessary to track the sled over quite a distance, but we eventually moved to easier viewing spots, both up course where speeds are lower and well back in the finish area where we could just move our eyes to capture nearly all of Turn 16.  I don’t own photographic equipment that could possibly capture the action, except I suppose as artistic blurs.

I’ll post now so that Day 7 doesn’t begin and add pictures later.  And next topic CTV vs NBC.

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